Wingrove Ward

Helen Coleman
As an Eltham resident of 37 years my husband and I have raised our two children in this wonderful community and been involved at playgroup, preschool and schools.  Some of my priorities are to protect the Green Wedge & neighbourhood character, declare a climate emergency, sound financial management, reinstating funds to Hohnes Road Playhouse and developing a COVID-19 assistance package for our community.  I rallied to save our reserves and will continue to fight for the Eltham Preschool, Eltham Living War Memorial and Senior Citizens buildings from removal and relocation.  As a former Councillor (2004-2016) and twice Mayor, I have the experience and leadership that is needed, as it has been a tumultuous 4 years for our Council and a challenging 2020.  We need to bring back stability & confidence with fresh ideas to Council and with your support I will be your strong voice on Council.

First develop a report on the process for Council to declare a climate emergency.
Council with community education and leadership can advocate for the same level of
action from other municipalities and levels of government.

Sharon Bonga
Hello, my name is Sharon, I have lived in Eltham for 17 years with my husband Jason and two children 12 and 10 years of age. As a family we really value the natural environment where we live and the positive impact it has on our lives.I am passionate about keeping the shire one of the best places to live in Australia by; ensuring natural open community spaces are zoned accordingly so they can never be sold or developed. Making sure the natural environment is a major consideration in all council decisions and policy. Talking to and engaging with the community both young and more senior about their ideas for our shire and climate change.

Education is the starting point, and council can be proactive in this area with a dedicated sustainability team employed within council.

Adrian Dinsdale
My main priority if elected to Eltham council is simple: a return to the basic principles of good governance: Consultation, Community engagement, Accountability, Transparency and Evidence-based decision-making.
In line with this evidence-based decision-making philosophy, and as a professional scientist, it is incontrovertible that we must declare a climate emergency. If elected, I would champion proposals to reduce our councils carbon footprint. My actions in this regard are demonstrated by the large (~30kW) solar array recently installed at Eltham Primary School. As chair of the subcommittee that lead this initiative, I personally drove this project to completion. Nillumbik council must invest further in effective initiatives like this to reduce our impact.

Lou Dixon
I have been lucky enough to live in Nillumbik with my family for almost 20 years and now want to serve this wonderful community on Council. My main priorities if elected are: 
Climate change – we are using too much energy and resources and can’t afford to ignore this inconvenient truth. I would like council to support renewable energy initiatives and also refresh the community’s knowledge on effective recycling.  
Open spaces – actively protect our precious open spaces and parks and support community groups to do so also.   Find out more here: 

Chris Gregory
My family have lived in and around Eltham on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land for over 50 years. I am convinced that everything we do, plan and aspire to achieve is predicated on a sustainable and healthy environment. To sell, undermine, destructively exploit or abuse the Earth, air, flora, fauna, water and outer space that sustain us is like setting fire to one’s house to stay warm. Let’s declare the crisis and address it. More details about me, and space to chat, are available at Facebook: @chrisgregoryforwingrove or contact me
Please follow my preferences on the electoral information.

Nillumbik as ‘the Green Wedge Shire’ has a mandated role and responsibility to lead proactive and rigorous action to slow, halt and reverse climate change

Alex Grimes

Geoff Paine
I’ve lived in Eltham with my family for 17 years.  The kids went to school here and we love the trees, space and the whole Green Wedge package.  I got into local politics after the attempted sale of the 17 reserves in 2018 and realised the things we took for granted can be sold or built over if we don’t protect them.
My man priorities if elected would be to:
*openly explain where the shire stands as regards rates/debt and what we’re paying for.
* move to enforce the Green Wedge protections currently being ignored.
*re-connect the council with the community (instead of mutual suspicion) –
*consult with the community to about what they want this place to be

The science is in on climate change. We’re in a transition that has to be managed as quickly as possible. As we push the message to state and federal governments, we have to bring our own community along with that message.

Wayne Kinrade
I’ve lived in the Shire for 33 years. I’m passionate about its unique environment. I’ve been vigorously protecting our Land for Wildlife property on the edge of Eltham for nearly three decades, a home to a colony of Eltham Copper Butterflies and over twenty native orchid species. I therefore strongly support the objective of the Nillumbik Climate Emergency Action Team. Australia needs a policy framework for climate change, including a price on carbon. In the absence of national policy leadership local councils, communities and individuals have to assume the initiative for the saving the planet. Local councils have a major role, educating their community about actions individuals can take.
Specific policies relevant to climate change that I will pursue if elected are:
*development of neighborhood solar farms and batteries
*the Shire should join the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives. Nillumbik is not currently a member
*promote actions individual households can take e.g. detection and removal of draughts, improved insulation, improve hot water energy efficiency, encourage double insulation of windows, encourage use of LED lighting
*advocate for actions the municipality can implement to achieve the UN IPCC targets of zero net carbon emissions by 2050
*promote more appropriate land use through its regulatory planning processes and protecting biodiversity.

Australia needs a policy framework for climate change, including a price on carbon. In the absence of national policy leadership in these areas, local councils, communities and individuals have to assume the initiative for saving the planet.

Isabel nalato

Nillumbik Shire Council can influence and work with citizens, businesses and all key
stakeholders and influence all levels of government by example and by advocating
climate leadership.

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Wayne Alexander, David Mulholland, Peter Galtry, Juanita Kottek
Sigrid McCarthy, Tim Riley, Brad Senese, Charlie Stuchbury

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