The 2020 election climate questionnaire – the results

The campaign is over, and the votes are cast, now we wait with bated breath for the result. The Nillumbik Climate Emergency Action Team would like to thank the many candidates who took the trouble to return our questionnaires. I’m sure everyone interested in the climate question was delighted to see so many candidates taking the issue of climate, and the environment in general, seriously. With so many excellent candidates who would make fine Councillors, the choice for voters was a difficult one. Results will be available after Friday 30 October 2020

We will leave the scorecards in place until the results are published.
Please note: the scorecard ratings are based only on the yes/maybe/no  candidate responses to the questionnaire, and not on any other information, and hence do not necessarily provide a complete picture of an individual candidate’s approach to the issue of climate action. Voters are urged to do their own research to determine consistency of approach between a candidate’s stated climate action position and their public record.’ Additionally, some candidates who did not complete a questionnaire nevertheless contributed a paragraph outlining their policies, and while these cannot receive a score, they may give some indication of the candidate’s approach to climate action.  Follow the link in the drop down menu to the appropriate page for your ward, where you can read the candidates’ profiles, and also follow the link below the profiles, where there is one, to read their detailed comments on each section of the questionnaire.  Follow the links at the bottom of the page to read the questionnaire and the scoring protocol.

*There is no card for Ellis ward, because no candidate returned a questionnaire from that ward.

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