Swipers Gully Ward

Frances Eyre
I’ve lived in Swipers Gully for 11 years with my family. I am a passionate, community orientated person. Having worked at Nillumbik Council for 7 years as a Community Development Officer and liaison between community and council, I know how to get things done at a Council level. As the councillor for Swipers Gully ward I want to protect the Green Wedge, see community at the heart of a renewed Climate Change Action Plan, create a Nillumbik Youth Strategy, and reintroduce meaningful community engagement through regular Ward meetings and best practice community consultation.
To protect our special neighbourhood character, it must be enhanced by any new developments, and Council must strengthen the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. Developers must be held to account for illegal tree removal.
In the climate and environment area, I will:
– Investigate opportunities for community based solar and energy generation.
– Ensure Council develops innovative and targeted environmental education programs.
– Pursue the creation of a community repair shop and local community gardens
– Ensure none of Council’s recycling is sent to landfill.

Council should proactively work with networks such as Cities Power Partnerships
(CPP), Solar Savers, The Australian Energy Foundation (AEF), Clean Energy
Nillumbik, community and key stakeholders to understand how Nillumbik can best
deliver on climate action and declare a climate emergency

Henry Charles Haszler
Climate change is a real existential threat to humanity. Nationally I advocate an emissions trading scheme as the most cost effective way forward.  Fossil fuel advocates don’t understand that a trading scheme would allow an orderly transition away from coal.  Locally I support the declaration of a climate emergency by Nillumbik Council, backed by steps to bring Council activities and the Shire to a net zero emissions position ASAP.
Climate action related, we need to protect Nillumbik’s biodiversity and environmental assets to halt the alarming march of species extinction.  The new Green Wedge Management Plan that might have helped is instead a disgrace. The well meant panel process was subverted by a Council focussed on “Living in the Landscape” which ignored the overwhelming community sentiment. The published Plan references so many Nillumbik, Victorian and Commonwealth policies, without any specifics of its own, as to makes the Plan toothless. 
At a local Swipers level I will advocate to get the Leanne Drive traffic lights job done. This key infrastructure for Swipers is long overdue.

We have stumbled around climate change policy for far too long. The Government’s techno-fixes wont do the job. At the national level I advocate an emissions trading scheme which is the proven most effective way to get the job done. The Government and Labor need to be forced to get backbones on this.

Nerida Kirov
I have lived and grown up and lived in the Eltham area for over 55 years. Its beauty is something that has always attracted many to move here, and with this, pressure for increased development. Our planet is in turmoil and unless we take positive steps to correct this it will be too late. My love for this area came from climbing trees playing in the bush, swimming in the river. What will we have left for our children’s children? I am not a person to sit still. Having advocated for environmental issues all my life, this is something that will continue if I’m elected.  Including searching for sound environmental practices to be implemented in all relevant council practices. I am more recently known for organising the rally for the Save Community Reserves. I have also been involved in campaigns for saving the Eltham Copper Butterfly, stopping the damming of Christmas Hills, keeping the Manna Gums in Wingrove Park and against the sale of community assets and open spaces.

Zac Lombardo
On Council I would support measures to ensure that the Nillumbik Shire Council is carbon-neutral by 2024 and would support steps to increase renewable generation in Nillumbik, including through establishing a solar farm on the rehabilitated Plenty tip site. 
I would support Council’s existing partnerships with:
• Cities Power Partnerships (CPP)
• Solar Savers • The Australian Energy Foundation (AEF)
• Clean Energy Nillumbik.
If elected I would also support the Council’s pledges to tackle climate change including installing renewable energy on council buildings, investigating using Council-managed land for renewable energy, and rolling out energy efficient lighting across the municipality 

On Council I would support measures to ensure that the Nillumbik Shire Council is carbon-neutral by 2024 and would support steps to increase renewable generation in Nillumbik including through establishing a solar farm on the rehabilitated Plenty tip site.

John Melocco
Our Council needs to be more open and transparent. I bought into Nillumbik 10 years ago for its trees, open spaces, community feel and arts. It’s a great place to raise a family. I was the Red Parrot during the Save Our Community Reserves campaign. There are many initiatives that I’d push forward but from an environmental aspect, my top 3: 1. Conservation of the tree canopy in the Eltham area is of utmost importance. Other parts of Nillumbik need to improve their coverage and needs to be encouraged. 2. Our roads need to be made safer for electric bicycles and road laws updated to accommodate. Electric bicycles will and should become an important mode of transport, The town centres will need areas for their parking 3. Green energy and its promotion. Council buildings should be moved toward energy self-sustainability using renewables.  And further investment in Edendale Farm as an environmental learning centre.

Michelle Peterson
I am dedicated to harnessing a future for the Nillumbik shire that has at its core, environmental sustainability.  To do so there will need to be a focus on biodiversity, fire risk management,  renewable energy sources, waste management and adherence to the Green Wedge Management Plan.  Collaboration with all stakeholders within the community should drive the outcomes and provide the most balanced solutions going forward.  I will apply my  creative mind set to this challenging dilemma to find the best way forward for the shire.    

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Simone Cusack, John Fecondo, Biljana Gerali, Jerry Mustafa, Mick Woroniuk

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