Sugarloaf Ward

Narelle Campbell
Action achieves outcomes, declaration may not. As an advisory committee member, I supported Nillumbik Council action:
1.       Introduced the solar farm development – will exceed council’s electricity targets upon completion.
2.       Continued support for Sustainable Living programs – events were even held during COVID-19 lockdown.
3.       Prioritised fuel reduction planning to reduce the frequency and severity of bushfire.
4.       Provided household choice of a smaller waste bin.
5.       Explored land management innovation to develop resilience including regenerative farming, Queensland Fruit Fly response, and continuing to preserve our natural environment.
Continuing council action is a focus of my candidacy. It’s about you.

Mary Clark
I have lived on a bush block at Smiths Gully for forty-five years, building with my husband a mud brick house. We have always had solar hot-water and for the past twelve years solar electricity. Both our cars are hybrids. My city friends are amused with my passion for weeding the bush, but all our efforts at saving our environment must start at home. My priorities for the council would be to explore innovation in recycling and waste management, encouraging the uptake of green energy, care of our waterways and fire hazard reduction. All within budget restrictions.

(Setting emissions targets)  is like going by car from Melbourne and Sydney: before we start from Melbourne, we need to have a vision and a road map, but once we are on the road, we have to concentrate on the practicalities of driving to Sydney whether it be weather, road conditions, hazards etc., and change our course if needed.   

Janet Holmes
While Janet did not send us any notes, her questionnaire included the following:

While it is important that Nillumbik Shire does what it can to limit carbon emissions in Nillumbik, the global reality suggests that adapting to the increasing concentration of CO2 in the air is going to be the most pressing of the Shire’s responsibilities. Nillumbik is about 1.3C warmer than it was in the middle of last century and will continue to warm

Warrandyte captured my heart over 30 years ago when it was the “home of the artist in Victoria”. I was privileged to raise my three children here and now teach my grandchildren about nature through rambles in our beautiful environment. I am committed to preserving and improving the Green Wedge and have demonstrated this through my work with Friends of Warrandyte State Park and Scotchman’s Hill Action Group. I believe this is a crucial first step in the fight against climate change. I am a climate activist who decided I could do better being on the council than continuing to protest.
Authorised by Carolyn-noel, PO 226 Kangaroo Ground, 3097

Maintaining and improving the integrity of our Green Wedge Shire and preventing removal of trees and other vegetation helps mitigate effects of climate change

Ben Ramacharan
I believe that it’s extremely important for a councillor to listen to and respect their community’s point of view. I will prioritise protecting our local environment and local character. I will also work as hard as I can to improve on issues which the community has raised with me, such as drainage, road safety, local trails and paths and financial management.
Climate Change will have a direct impact on my future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that our government is capable of taking strong action when needed, and that has given me hope that we can do what is needed to tackle the Climate Emergency. I’ve lived in North Warrandyte for over 13 years and I love the Green Wedge Shire that we call home. I will work hard to protect it as a means of drawing carbon out of our atmosphere.

We need to make sure that a council declaration of climate emergency is presented alongside a guarantee of strong, ongoing action. I will support a Climate Emergency Declaration in Nillumbik but we need to make sure it is presented alongside a guarantee of strong, ongoing action

Cath Rutten
My life has been working with communities; in the disability sector, youth sector, mental health, arts, international development and communications. I have great relationships with local community and businesses. I am interested in people’s perspectives and learning about their concerns.
My vision is for Nillumbik to be a leader in combating the effects of Climate Change. I want a Council that consults the Indigenous custodians of this land and values their expertise and culture.  I think that community consultation and respectful debate should be cornerstones for our Council.

Nillumbik Council needs to work with the local community to develop strong action on climate change that is integrated with the Green Wedge Management Plan. This includes renewable energy projects and targets. Nillumbik should be looking at green economy models to drive the discussion with residents. This issue needs to become a driver for positive economic benefits for families and industries in the Shire,

Virginia Ruchel I live in Research and I love our local community. I’m running for Council because Research residents deserve a voice. Research is too often forgotten by Nillumbik Council – Research ratepayers deserve better!  Research needs a pedestrian crossing opposite the CFA on Research-Warrandyte Road, the shopping strip needs a facelift with better toilets, a gathering space, improved landscaping and community artwork, and we need more exercise equipment, playgrounds and BMX tracks in Research’s community reserves. 
I will protect neighbourhood character in Research by ensuring new developments are appropriate and ensure Council enforces rules to keep dogs on-leash on the Aqueduct Trail and dog owners put their dog poop where it belongs – in a bin. 
I will push for more money to be spent on protecting Research’s unique local environment.  To vote for me, Virginia Ruchel, vote from top to bottom, numbering the boxes in the following order: 13, 2, 5, 6, 8, 12, 3, 9, 4, 15, 16, 10, 1, 7, 11, 14

Local Councils are the closest to community and therefore need to do everything possible to be prepared and act in accordance with the science on climate warming which is likely to have significant effects on local communities.

Charlotte Sterrett
I am proud to call Nillumbik Shire my home and enjoy living in this precious part of the world. Climate change is already affecting Nillumbik and requires Council to take urgent action to protect people’s lives and livelihoods now and to increase community resilience in the long term. I believe that Nillumbik can provide a better and prosperous future for its residents in ways that are socially just, support inclusive and thriving economies, and preserve our unique environment. As your voice on Council, I will listen to you and voice your concerns so that you can be heard and be part of the decisions affecting you and your loved ones.

Nillumbik can and should be a leader in climate action, aligning with the latest climate science and international agreements

Karen Throssell No image or information from Karen yet, but she has completed a questionnaire

Don Vincent
A North Warrandyte resident, I love living in the Green Wedge. I’m a fiercely independent candidate, backed by decades of professional experience managing public and private infrastructure. My priorities if elected are to:
Be passionately independent, committed to listening to, and voting with, our community.
Protect the Green Wedge: Maintaining the character of our rural and village environments, supporting our community to adapt to increased bushfire risk, assisting with regional COVID recovery, and promoting local climate action
Ensure sound financial planning and management: Matching rates to resident’s and business’ needs, and ensuring a fair share for Sugarloaf Ward

Bushfire is our greatest and most critical risk, so our primary activity in resilience and adaptation should be a strong Bushfire Management Strategy

The following candidates did not provide images nor information
Damian Crock, Kim Cope, Graham Clark, Rhiannon Jorgenson, Vincent Edward Robert Scaturchio, Meg Milner

Authorised by Jill Kellow, P.O. Box 218, Panton Hill, Victoria 3759