Nillumbik Council 2020

Read what the winning candidates told us

Blue Lake Ward

Richard Stockman
Congratulations on your election Richard. Richard didn’t send us any information, and didn’t complete our Climate Questionnaire, so there isn’t anything we can tell you about him. We hope Richard will prove to be keen to see serious climate action during his term with Nillumbik Council.

Bunjil Ward

Karen Egan
Karen told us: My main policies are to keep rates low, covid relief in terms of eco dev and tourism and small local business, and the main one is to complete the solar farm. It will have the biggest impact on reducing emissions in the shire I’m really proud of that one. It was started when I first got in and now will be a reality.Instead of talking about a climate emergency, I’m taking action. To add to this, we finished the Bendigo Bank stadium and made it totally solar, with battery backup, and with electric car chargers. We also now have hybrid cars at council – all fabulous initiatives helping our environment.

Edendale Ward

Natalie Duffy
Natalie told us: Hi, I’m Natalie, a Nillumbik resident living in Eltham North with my husband Bartolo and our two primary school-aged kids. COVID-19 has taught us all the importance of a supportive connected community for good physical, mental and economic well-being. And it has taught us how lucky we are to live where we live. We moved to Nillumbik when my daughter was very young; I didn’t know this area would provide such a sense of belonging, something that I hadn’t experienced since my own childhood growing up in rural NSW. I love where we live. I want to protect what’s precious about our area and our Green Wedge. I want to ensure that the community’s voice is heard at a local government level.
If you live in Edendale or own property in Edendale please vote for me to be your community Councillor. I take this commitment to become your Councillor seriously & have been advocating for the people of Nillumbik loud & proud over many matters we hold near & dear. If you’d like to help my candidacy please get in touch to volunteer, or like my Facebook page & share my posts. Email: or call me on 0466 043 493

It is important Council takes a lead through action and education at all levels. The most direct action is with the people within our Shire

Ellis Ward

Peter Perkins
Congratulations on your election Peter. Peter didn’t send us any information, and didnt complete our Climate Questionnaire, so there isn’t anything we can tell you about him. We hope Richard will prove to be keen to see serious climate action during his term with Nillumbik Council.

Sugarloaf Ward

Ben Ramacharan
Congratulations on your victory Ben! Ben told us: “I believe that it’s extremely important for a councillor to listen to and respect their community’s point of view. I will prioritise protecting our local environment and local character. I will also work as hard as I can to improve on issues which the community has raised with me, such as drainage, road safety, local trails and paths and financial management.
Climate Change will have a direct impact on my future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that our government is capable of taking strong action when needed, and that has given me hope that we can do what is needed to tackle the Climate Emergency. I’ve lived in North Warrandyte for over 13 years and I love the Green Wedge Shire that we call home. I will work hard to protect it as a means of drawing carbon out of our atmosphere.”

We need to make sure that a council declaration of climate emergency is presented alongside a guarantee of strong, ongoing action. I will support a Climate Emergency Declaration in Nillumbik but we need to make sure it is presented alongside a guarantee of strong, ongoing action

Swipers Gully Ward

Frances Eyre
Congratulations on your victory Frances! Frances told us: “I’ve lived in Swipers Gully for 11 years with my family. I am a passionate, community orientated person. Having worked at Nillumbik Council for 7 years as a Community Development Officer and liaison between community and council, I know how to get things done at a Council level. As the councillor for Swipers Gully ward I want to protect the Green Wedge, see community at the heart of a renewed Climate Change Action Plan, create a Nillumbik Youth Strategy, and reintroduce meaningful community engagement through regular Ward meetings and best practice community consultation.
To protect our special neighbourhood character, it must be enhanced by any new developments, and Council must strengthen the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. Developers must be held to account for illegal tree removal.
In the climate and environment area, I will:
– Investigate opportunities for community based solar and energy generation.
– Ensure Council develops innovative and targeted environmental education programs.
– Pursue the creation of a community repair shop and local community gardens
– Ensure none of Council’s recycling is sent to landfill. ”  

Council should proactively work with networks such as Cities Power Partnerships
(CPP), Solar Savers, The Australian Energy Foundation (AEF), Clean Energy
Nillumbik, community and key stakeholders to understand how Nillumbik can best
deliver on climate action and declare a climate emergency

Wingrove Ward

Geoff Paine
I’ve lived in Eltham with my family for 17 years.  The kids went to school here and we love the trees, space and the whole Green Wedge package.  I got into local politics after the attempted sale of the 17 reserves in 2018 and realised the things we took for granted can be sold or built over if we don’t protect them.
My man priorities if elected would be to:
*openly explain where the shire stands as regards rates/debt and what we’re paying for.
* move to enforce the Green Wedge protections currently being ignored.
*re-connect the council with the community (instead of mutual suspicion) –
*consult with the community to about what they want this place to be

The science is in on climate change. We’re in a transition that has to be managed as quickly as possible. As we push the message to state and federal governments, we have to bring our own community along with that message.