Edendale Ward

Natalie Duffy
Hi, I’m Natalie, a Nillumbik resident living in Eltham North with my husband Bartolo and our two primary school-aged kids. COVID-19 has taught us all the importance of a supportive connected community for good physical, mental and economic well-being. And it has taught us how lucky we are to live where we live. We moved to Nillumbik when my daughter was very young; I didn’t know this area would provide such a sense of belonging, something that I hadn’t experienced since my own childhood growing up in rural NSW. I love where we live. I want to protect what’s precious about our area and our Green Wedge. I want to ensure that the community’s voice is heard at a local government level.
If you live in Edendale or own property in Edendale please vote for me to be your community Councillor. I take this commitment to become your Councillor seriously & have been advocating for the people of Nillumbik loud & proud over many matters we hold near & dear. If you’d like to help my candidacy please get in touch to volunteer, or like my Facebook page & share my posts. Email: Natalie4Nillumbik@gmail.com or call me on 0466 043 493

It is important Council takes a lead through action and education at all levels. The most direct action is with the people within our Shire

John Dumaresq I live in Edendale Ward. I have been here over 12 years.  I live with my partner and our daughter.   We love where we live and love our community.My five main priorities if elected are:
1. Protecting neighbourhood character
2. Living within our means
3. Protecting the Green Wedge
4. Supporting recovery from COVID-19

5. Upgrading facilities and infrastructure

Note: John did not submit a Climate Change questionnaire.

Meralyn Klein
My family and I have lived in Nillumbik for 25 years, are privileged to live on acreage, and have planted hundreds of trees on our land as a practical measure to help our environment. Ground fuel management, clearing undergrowth, required under the Royal Commission must be a priority to protect our bush heritage from bushfires. As a Councillor 2012/2016 I raised the need for a shire wide tree planting program, this proposal was rejected by other Councillors. Govt. funding should be sought for climate mitigation measures. Tree planting should be encouraged and undertaken on private and Council Land.

Keith Sewell-Staples
I have lived in Nillumbik for over forty years. The natural environment was a key factor in the decision to raise my family here. However, this Council’s attempts to compromise the Green Wedge, its support for inappropriate development, and the waste of our money on external contractors and consultants while sacking Council staff, have prompted me to seek election to the Council on this occasion. The science is unequivocal. The world is facing a climate emergency, and Nillumbik needs a Council which is prepared to face the facts – to formally declare a climate emergency and to make this issue an absolute priority. If elected, I will support the formation of a Climate Emergency Action Group, and will use my experience in community engagement to ensure our community participates in the process of a just transition to a sustainable future.As a Council, we should be encouraging the use of renewable energy in all our operations, and educating our community about the opportunities for all of us to make a real difference. Further, in this area, we have the opportunity to take creative measures to enhance biodiversity and contribute to the solution.

Jason McClintock
I’ve lived my entire life in this area and continue to live here because I love it and its amazing environment. I believe we need to protect our environment and believe there are smart technologies that we can be implementing which will have both emissions and economic benefits. Even though this is a climate focused group I will be honest, as I will always be and say my primary reason for running for Council is to support the people of Nillumbik in what I believe will be one of the most tumultuous economic and social periods in our history post Covid19. Economic and social recovery and supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of all people of our community will be critical over the next couple of years. That said, I’m not a one dimensional person and I will not downplay the need to address important environmental issues.

Stuart Sinclair
I believe Council should provide strong community leadership on climate action.  The science is clear, the world is facing a climate emergency.  Local action and advocacy is a way in which we can influence large scale change. One of the first things I would do as a Councillor is to move a motion to declare a climate emergency.  A review of the shire-wide GHG emissions, existing policy and climate change programs would be central to this work. 

Building community capacity in relation to resilience and adaptation will be essential; I would support initiatives that:
*Help the community deal with extreme weather events.
*Raise awareness on reducing food miles.
*Support local agriculture.
*Promote local farms through events such as Open Farm Day.
*Target climate change, resilience and adaptation education and awareness campaigns.
I am committed to supporting Nillumbik’s volunteer environmental community groups to continue and enhance their important work.

I would like to see a review of existing policy and programs to ensure climate action is prioritised and central to decision making.

David Sweeney
I am a local artist living in Edendale. I would like to represent you as your local and independent candidate and to offer an alternative to the current development-led council. My priorities include
– Mental health
– Enhancing community
– Dealing with climate change
– Protecting the Green Wedge
– Develop a post-COVID plan to build back better
To do this I believe Nillumbik council should learn from those councils and organisations that are leading in these areas. Organisation such as (among many others):
– Sustain sustain.org.au, urban agriculture
– Transition Network transitionnetwork.org)
– City Repair cityrepair.org

Council should facilitate small groups across the council area, equivalent to local fireguard groups, who can prepare and enact local climate action, in a similar way to how we prepare for bush fires now. This will empower people and help mental health by providing action and enhancing interaction and community.

The following candidates did not prove images nor information
Wassim Daghash, Colin Hall , Michael O’Shannassy

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