Bunjil Ward

Karen Egan
My main policies are to keep rates low, covid relief in terms of eco dev and tourism and small local business, and the main one is to complete the solar farm. It will have the biggest impact on reducing emissions in the shire I’m really proud of that one. It was started when I first got in and now will be a reality.Instead of talking about a climate emergency, I’m taking action. To add to this, we finished the Bendigo Bank stadium and made it totally solar, with battery backup, and with electric car chargers. We also now have hybrid cars at council – all fabulous initiatives helping our environment.

Hannah Graham
I’m Hannah, I work and live in Hurstbridge with my partner. We love this community, and are active community volunteers. I’m running for Council because I want to see better representation of younger people in local politics. Change is happening at an ever accelerating rate. We need a forward-thinking Council that is preparing our community for long term resilience. As your representative on Council, I would prioritise 3 things to prepare for the future: 1) Stronger climate action – Let’s take climate change seriously by mitigating emissions at the local level, and adapting to an already hotter and drier climate. Our fire brigades and CFA deserve more support as bushfire becomes more severe and frequent.
2) Stronger protection and planning for the Green Wedge – We must prioritise the health of our Green Wedge shire so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. I know that actions taken now are vital to the survival of our Green Wedge for many decades to come.
3) Future-proofing our community – The pandemic has caused rapid technological innovation, and the virtualisation of our lives. Things like high-speed global satellite internet will improve things for those living rurally, whilst automation and AI will disrupt our economy. Council must be on the cutting edge.  As a digital professional I hope to make strides in this direction. I ask for your vote as your Bunjil Ward representative. Let’s get ready for the future, because its fast becoming our present.
To vote for me, number from top to bottom: 1, 12, 13, 5, 6, 8, 2, 11, 4, 7, 9, 3, 10. Authorised by Hannah Graham, PO BOX 219, Hurstbridge VIC 3099

Given the virtualisation of our lives, I believe it’s imperative that communities (aka the civic sector) become as virtual and digitally competent as the private sector in order to adapt to a world of accelerating change. Council should support digital solutions that work at the community scale. We should focus on rolling out further renewable energy generation that is co-operatively owned by community stakeholders

Anika Van Hulsen
If I become your Councillor, I propose we collectively develop a shire-wide GREEN TRANSITION Plan, and investigate actions such as:ENVIRONMENT:· Take real, not minimal, action on climate change and biodiversity decline.· Find the best ways Council can support the Nillumbik community reaching 100% clean energy by 2030.· Better protect our environment and township characters.· Undertake effective environmental repair.· Build our regional expertise, new local businesses, and educational opportunities in conservation and bushfire risk management, and climate-smart agriculture.ECONOMIC:· Promote a green economy.· Support people transitioning to sustainable economic development and agriculture.· Expand the network of interconnecting on-road cycle lanes and recreational trails, and promote art and eco-tourism.SOCIAL:· Promote sustainable living and mental and physical health. Support community groups.· Keep rates within the cap set by the State Government.

Nillumbik is the perfect place to lead the way to a greener, fairer, smarter future

Steve Mullins I live in Cottles Bridge with my fami1y. We are active members of our community, involved in our local Landcare group, Fireguard, community garden and neighbourhood food swaps. I currently run a business manufacturing organic clothing and have spent the past two decades working in international human rights and labour rights, sitting on boards and committees of management and working with organisations improving governance.
I was motivated to run as an independent candidate in Bunjil Ward because
•  I want a transparent, accountable, community-led Council where Councillors are genuine representatives who listen to and work with the community so that decisions made are in the best interests of our Shire.
•  I want to protect our Green Wedge and the character of our townships and the rural environment of our Shire from the threat of unsustainable encroachment and neglect.
fosters our local community through support to our grassroots sporting clubs and community groups.
•   I want a Council that provides support to farmers, local producers and artists, fire brigades, small businesses and the most vulnerable and elderly in our community.
•  I want a Council that  stops outsourcing council services and promotes local, secure jobs.
•  I want a Council that takes genuine action on climate change.

Our Green Wedge Shire is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change, affecting our natural environment, agricultural production and the intensity and frequency of bush fires. Nillumbik needs to lead climate action given the risk climate change poses to the Shire.

Carol Tibbetts no image or information yet, but she has completed a questionnaire

Council must provide proactive and respectful leadership on climate issues as well as others

Sarah Hunter I am a local independent, and a latecomer to the council elections.I decided to stand based on my disappointment with the current council’s handling, over more than two years, of the landfills in Chapel Lane. I studied landscape architecture at the University of Melbourne and worked at Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects early in my career where I did a lot of school, early childhood, and park design. This included Fernwood Reserve for Franskton City Council (below) where equipment was carefully inserted within an existing patch of tree cover to provide instant shade and “instant establishment”.
I am running on the platform “Community, Integrity, Honesty” and intend to represent the whole of the Bunjil community.

I believe that Nillumbik Council should take a strong role on climate leadership and advocacy. Climate goals can frequently be integrated within other initiatives which also contribute to a better quality of life (for example money saving, improved comfort, improved environment.

Melanie Nelson
I have lived in Cottles Bridge for 10 years and have participated in many Nillumbik Shire Council consultations. I want all residents to feel their issues are important and worthy of discussion. Council has a duty to show leadership on important issues and Climate Change is a real and important issue.  If elected I would prioritise building local jobs, especially food production. Nillumbik could be a leader of new and innovative techniques for plant-based, healthy, nutritious food. As well as training and job opportunities, this can have a major impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing pressure on land and water. Change is coming and we should be ready for it – we need to plan for the future. 
As a professional with a Master’s degree in Business, I totally understand the financial aspects of keeping rates low but still ensuring Nillumbik has a sound financial future. If elected, I will start with an audit of the finances and plan for a more financially stable future for Nillumbik. 
I am also a passionate advocate for animals and those that find it hard to make their voices heard in this busy world. I will always question the assumption that money is all that matters, because that is only part of what makes our lifestyle here special. Kindness and care for others and our natural environment are key to a happy and safe community.  I am a local, independent candidate who wants a safe and kinder shire for all.    If you would like to know more about my values here is a link to my FB page https://www.facebook.com/MelanieNelson-Bunjil-129868565535307.

I think Council should show leadership in this important, global issue. Action is key to tackling this issue – writing a strategy and book shelving it for 4 years isn’t enough. It needs to be part of the regular Council Plan review process.

The following candidates did not provide images not information
Tania Dovile, Bill Penrose, Sue Rosenhain, Sue Simpson, Brian Veerman, James Wallace

Authorised by Jill Kellow, P.O. Box 218, Panton Hill, Victoria 3759