Home comfort & energy 16.06.22

The gas we burn in our homes is a damaging fossil fuel and health hazard. But this winter, you can get comfy and save money – all while reducing your gas use.
Even before gas became as expensive as it is now, research at the University of Melbourne found the cheapest way to heat a home is by finding the “heat button” on your reverse-cycle air conditioner. Find your heat button and save!

For more suggestions, our 57,000+ members at My Efficient Electric Home can help!

Not on Facebook? Then these four “explainers” may also help. (Thanks to Renew Economy for publishing!)

1). Heating your house this winter:

2). Hot water:

3). Cooking with no gas:

4). Draught-proofing, insulation, and all the rest when it comes to improving your home’s “thermal envelope”.

Have a warm and comfy winter!
Tim Forcey – Home Comfort and Energy Advisor, and BCCAG volunteer, Sandringham

Nillumbik Council has voted for a Declaration of Climate Emergency!  27.04.22

Nillumbik Council has voted for a Declaration of Climate Emergency!

At the Council meeting on Tuesday 27th April, Nillumbik Council voted to amend the Climate Action Plan to replace the word ‘Acknowledge’ with ‘Declare’. The motion was moved by Councillor Geoff Paine, seconded by Councillor Ben Ramcharan, and overwhelmingly voted in by 6 of the 7 councillors. This is a huge step forward – it sends a clear message to the community, other councils and higher levels of government that Nillumbik Council is serious in its commitment to tackling the most urgent crisis of our times, and is prepared to use the strongest language possible in its climate emergency response. We at NCEAT are very excited about it!

A massive amount of effort has gone into the Climate Action Plan. We would really like to take this opportunity to thank the councillors and council staff who helped make this happen, in particular Cr Ben RamcharanCr Natalie Duffy, and Cr Geoff Paine, who have all worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the Climate Action Plan to this stage. In addition, an enormous amount of work has been done by council officers over many years. We thank you all.

Unfortunately, the second motion, brought by Councillor Natalie Duffy, for stronger emissions targets for the community, was not so successful. The motion was stymied by a procedural technicality, but even if it had gone to the vote, it probably would not have been successful due to the lack of a majority in favour. However, a further amendment to the plan has been passed which allows for annual reviews and updates to the emissions targets in future, so the target date of 2035 in the CAP for net zero community emissions can be brought forward at a future time.

NCEAT will continue to advocate for the strongest possible emissions targets for the community, as there is much work done to ensure that we make this planet as safe as it can be for humans and all the other living entities which inhabit it.

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